It is common knowledge that being a website owner or manager in that case, that through the use of search engines, you can receive a lot of unique visitors to your website. However, to leverage the full power of the search engines, you will need to have your pages optimised to appear in the search results for specific keywords.

This can be quite easy if you are targeting branded keywords related to your company. However, most of the unique users who have not yet interacted with your company will not have your name in mind. The non-branded keywords attract most of the searches, and it will be very fundamental to achieve high rankings on search results, which quite a difficult task.

Kinetech SEO specialises in providing above standard search engine optimisation needs to different kinds of businesses in NZ. Our solutions are befitting to both small and medium business who intend to use the search engines to remain visible for a long time coming. We carefully understand that every company is unique hence; we do not have a general method to fill all kinds of business. With our knowledge and expertise, we will tailor your solution according to your objective.

With our proven skills, we will use our techniques to push you through the search engine results for unique keywords typed by your customers every day. The methods that we will use carry no risk at all of receiving any penalty from Google and other search engine guidelines. We adhere to Google guidelines, and that is why we are the best SEO service company in New Zealand. You should be wary of the SEO companies that promise ‘flight by night’ page one rankings. That is very risky as the process of SEO takes time, and you are most likely to experience great results gradually.


What is SEO and How it works


SEO which stands for search engine optimisation is a technique through search engines are able to understand your website content and produce them in search engine results when prompted. The most common search engines utilised by most of the people are Google, Youtube, Bing and Yahoo. Therefore, if you are a content creator, you will require SEO to push your content through search engines.

Some of the most critical areas to consider in SEO are as follows:


Keyword Research

Keyword research is the beginning of SEO. When producing content online, the idea is to help people find solutions to their problems. Therefore, you will want to know what keywords they are typing. These keywords are then optimised to the pages and make Google understand that the specific page answers that query optimised.

Link Building

This is how Google knows the authority of the websites on the vast World Wide Web. There are millions of sites out there, and Google will need to understand which website best answers the queries of their users. Therefore, Google has created a complex algorithm that helps them determine which website page is suitable.

One of the factors in this colossal algorithm is link building. Links to your site tell google that this resource is essential and authority in a particular subject. Not all the links have the same value; hence going for quantity over quality will be a disaster. At Kinetech SEO we have the best link building strategies that are designed to build the authority of your site in the eyes of Google’s algorithm. Link building can be hard, but not to us!

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Mobile SEO

More individuals search for items and organisations on cell phones today than at any other time. Is your website friendly to mobile searches? We will ensure that your pages show accurately and unmistakably in mobile search results.

The key focuses of going Mobile.

As we examine later, there are diverse designs you can make your site mobile accommodating. In any case, there are critical focuses that you should observe no matter which model you set up.

  • Flag to Google when a page is designed for mobile (or has an equal page that is structured for mobile). This helps Google precisely serve your mobile searchers in search results.
  • Keep resources crawlable. Try not to utilise robots.txt to prevent bots from getting to vital records on your site that assist render the page (especially advertisements). When Googlebot doesn't approach a page's resource, for example, CSS, JavaScript, or pictures, a search engine may not recognise that it's configured to show and function admirably on a mobile environment. Google may not identify that the page is "mobile-friendly," and not serve it to mobile searchers.
  • Keep away from basic missteps that disappoint mobile guests, for example, highlighting unplayable videos (e.g., Flash video as the page's critical resource). Mobile pages that give a poor searcher experience can be downgraded in rankings or showed with a notice in mobile search results.
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Local SEO

At the point when individuals search for regional or local organisations, they utilise keywords that trigger location-based query item pages. We'll streamline your site and off-site properties like Google+ and Yelp pages, particularly for location-based queries.

Here are a few insights that will without a doubt prevail upon you, to utilise this SEO Company NZ.


  • The more significant part of cell phone searches has a local expectation.
  • Clients buy at a higher rate after a local search.
  • Local searches prompt a higher level of buys than non-local searches.
  • Half of the individuals who led a local search from their cell phone visited a store with 24 hours, and 34% of clients who searched on another gadget did likewise.
  • 87% of cell phone clients utilise search at any rate once every day.
  • 71% of individuals look into a business before paying a visit out of the blue.
  • 89% of purchasers search for a local business once every week or more, and 58% search once day by day.
  • 46% of all searches conducted on Google are local.
  • 76% of local searches are likely to result in a telephone call.


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